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Enterprise Microservice Applications

Business Service Applications are built with one goal in mind: modularity. Use a single Service Applications or multiple at the same time, connect them to your existing system via API and decide which functionalities you need to grow. It’s all up to you.


Our flexible Service Applications tailor to your needs, supporting multiple warehouses, stock locations, tax codes, and much more.


You can use one Service Application or multiple simultaneously. Pick and choose, it's up to you.


Connect Service Applications to any of your existing systems via API, without downtime or in any way stagnating your growth.


Our microservices run isolated from external systems, making them limitlessly scalable.

Why headless commerce?

Building the future with
our API-First Headless
Commerce Platform

Most well-known e-commerce platforms are cumbersome, expensive to migrate and maintain, packed with legacy, and thus lead to vendor lock-in. They don’t provide the flexibility and agility needed to accelerate growth.

By extending any existing e-commerce platform with DEITY’s top performing Business Service Applications designed for enterprise excellence, we provide the much needed solution to solve crucial platform issues faced by fast growing merchants.

Any enterprise, complex or fast-growing, business with special needs beyond your existing platform, can now keep on using their commerce engine, extending it with Business Service Applications only where its needed. Build differentiated commerce experiences and position your business for guaranteed success, while we provide you with the platform to propel your business forward.

Service Applications

  • Inventory Service

  • Assortment Service

  • Order Service

  • Promotions Service

DEITY Architecture

DEITY Modular Services

From front-end to back-end

With DEITY you can build and customise your full eCommerce ecosystem. Combine PWA's with Business Service Applications and any platform or service - the possibilities are endless.

Fully modular and extensible

All DEITY products are build API First and fully modular and additional to any existing platform. Build what you need without disinvestments or compromise, while breaking the boundaries of monoliths.

DEITY <3 everyone

Use any software you love. DEITY can integrate simultaneously with different platforms or services, without complex cross-integrations. Keeping it simple and clean.

Service Applications

The DEITY Business Service Applications cover the following areas: inventory, assortment, orders and promotions management.

Discover the first fully Modular Commerce platform and optimise your business processes while using a fast and intuitive user interface.

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Service Applications

Order Service Application

With the DEITY Order Service Application, merchants are given the freedom and control to manage all orders and their corresponding processes.

The Order Service Application keeps the Order Life Cycle transparent for all stakeholders, mainly for customer care and operational stakeholders such as sales and logistics.

The Order Service Application is ideal for businesses with complex order processes: drop-shipments, order line handling, complex return processes (even in different physical locations) or odd-size, multiple logistic management.

It contains omni-channel order processing and channel registration, order status, risk analysis, online order entries, return & refund management, logisticsorder-line distribution, purchase & recallorders and financial information such as invoicing and paymentstatus.

Based on a limitlessly scalable architecture, DEITY makes sure that no matter what amount of orders are placed, they are processed smoothly and without restrictions on scale.

Omni-Channel Orders

Aggregate and process orders in a breeze

Channel Registration

Easily set-up & connect new sales channels

Order Status

Centralize order support for all customers

Returns and Refunds

Prevent errors with rule-driven refunds

Purchase & Recall Orders

Optimize your supply chain management

Risk Analysis

A gatekeeper for your order fulfillment

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Service Applications

Inventory Service Application

Inventory Service Application is built to extend the core functionality of any platform’s inventory management

It is perfect for businesses with multiple stock locations, multiple warehouses, real-time stock management from both in-store and online stock, advanced stock management such as (pre-)ordering through different storefronts and more.

It holds both real-time and periodical information about available, physical, financial, expected or reserved stock levels and additional information such as location types, drop shipments, aggregated stock, stock mutations and specific product information such as back or pre-orderable products, never out of stock products or bundled products.

Departments like marketing, category management, demand planning and purchasing acquire the same insights about available stock information and know exactly at what stock lifecycle stage products are positioned.

All this information is collected, processed, stored and distributed to all demanding channels by the DEITY Inventory Service Application, and made available through the current platform.

Real-time Information

Volatile and accurate stock level processing

Drop Shipments

Use your supplier's stock when required

Location Types

Your assortment in multiple stock locations

Stock Lifecycle Stage

No more overstock or dead stock

Holistic Overview

Keep a history of every stock mutation

Advanced Product Information

Access your stock data from anywhere, anytime

Service Applications

Assortment Service Application

The DEITY Assortment Service Application is all about your product and assortment lifecycle management.

Differing from standard PIM solutions - the DEITY Assortment Service Application goes further than just collecting, holding and enriching data. With this tool, merchants can on operational and management level control both supply and demand for their assortment. They get smart insights into their product life cycles and market demand numbers, giving them the tools to swiftly act when needed, while keeping stock levels as low as possible.

Additionally, the Assortment Service Application gives a business the capability of keeping and managing all the assortment information in one place, while supporting multiple storefronts and suppliers. They can easily select and keep in one overview which product is available for which storefront, online, offline or through a marketplace - while matching the suppliers’ incoming data to their own.

It is perfect for businesses struggling with enormous amounts of SKU’s, a wide variety of product data coming from different suppliers or other sources, and who support multi- storefronts. They can now manage assortments and product information in the right way; to and from all channels.

Product Lifecycle

Nurture products from BOL to EOL

Minimum Stock Levels

Set-up catalog business rules in no time

Holistic Overview

Insightful for all departments

Multiple Storefronts

Connect and match your enrichment sources


Distribute your catalog anywhere

Supply & Demand Management

Target your customer, not your supplier

Service Applications

Promotion Service Application

With the Promotion Service Application, all information for any promotion in the full chain can be managed in a broad range of ways.

This service is especially useful for businesses running promotions on many different channels, or with a wide variety of conditions. It is perfect for every merchant who is ready to organize, structure and manage their promotions on the next level, operating with focus, flexibility and agility – required for the intelligent enterprise.

Would you like to automatically offer your customers a discount, or create a ‘campaign’ for B2B buyers with special prices, but only if they meet certain conditions? Maybe even offer them the same promotion when they buy cross-channel? Would you like to go beyond your standard promotion management, and create tailor-made experiences? The Relations & Promotion service Application is what you need.

Profiling & Segmenting

Target your campaigns and promotions

Business & Promotion Rules

Endlessly stack conditions and effects

Campaign Enrichment

Pairs with our Assortment Service Application


Faultless discount calculations for any channel

Price Groups

Perfect for both B2B and B2C


Execute promotion rules from anywhere

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