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Ecommerce Excellence

Stop replacing eCommerce systems just because they do not have the power to accelerate growth. DEITY delivers enterprise capabilities to any existing platform, giving merchants the confidence to scale without limitations. No risks, and no disinvestment.

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Microservice oriented architecture for eCommerce

Full Control

Be in charge of your eCommerce systems. Build what you love and need, and move fast.

Fully Modular

Keep your current system and extend only where you need it: preventing high risks and costly superfluous systems.

Full Product Range

DEITY provides an extensive product suite. From front-end to back-end, we have you covered.

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We are DEITY

We solve crucial platform issues faced by fast growing merchants

By extending existing eCommerce platforms with high performing Service Applications, we bring unlimited scalability and flexibility to back-end processes combined with high performing Progressive Web App front-ends. Ready to accelerate any enterprise business.

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Our products

DEITY Falcon

The next generation of Commerce Experiences

Use our DEITY Falcon Open Source framework to build highly engaging and blazing fast Progressive Web Apps, combined with an amazing user experience across all devices, fully independent from the back-end. Gaining up to 20% more revenue.

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Native App Experience

The user will enjoy a true a native-app-experience, with full screen experience, true native app navigation, instant loading and much more.

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Platform Independent

Realize your omni-channel strategy by serving all channels from one platform. Built, maintained and serviced by the same team.

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Fully Open Source

DEITY Falcon is a fully open source framework using ReactJS and NodeJS, specifically designed for high performing PWA’s.

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Performance as a Service

DEITY Cloud is a hosting platform for DEITY Falcon Progressive Web Apps. Cloud takes care of your infrastructure by providing hosting, deployment, a fast DTAP environment and support. Stop worrying about operations and get ready to scale up your business.

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DEITY Cloud is designed for performance. Combined with Falcon, it transforms your website into a blazing-fast Progressive Web App, prepared for any shopping experience, no matter the complexity.

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Whether you are a small business or enterprise powerhouse, DEITY Cloud is ready to handle traffic of any size. With our flexible plans you can scale your infrastructure to meet your business needs at any time.

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Focus on the business and worry less about security. DEITY Cloud keeps your infrastructure and data safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Your resources are always-on with our triple redundant hosting.

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DEITY Service Applications

Be ahead of the curve with Headless Commerce

Use our top performing service applications designed for enterprise excellence. These standalone applications are an addition to any existing platform, empowering merchants to assemble an enterprise platform with boundless scalability and flexibility - without any disinvestment or deprecation of the current platform.

With the DEITY Service Integrator you can let your systems connect to any data source or service using a multitude of protocols and standards, in a drag and drop interface.

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Additional to any platform

The DEITY Business Service Applications are tools which allow for extension, unlimited scalability and enterprise level processing covering the following areas: inventory, assortment, orders and promotions management.

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eCommerce operates in the global network, and so is your business. With our flexible business service applications you can give your current system the power to manage multiple warehouses, multiple stock locations, multiple users from different divisions, and much more.

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Service applications are designed for a plug and play experience. Model your business process using our Service Integrator by dragging and dropping the various service applications, all connected to each other via API.

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DEITY Service Integrator

Integrate any source - in seconds.

With the DEITY Service Integrator you can let your systems connect to any data source or service using a multitude of protocols and standards, in a drag and drop interface.

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API-first Commerce Platform

The DEITY Service Integrator is 100% API first and enables you to connect your store to many different systems using a variety of protocols and standards.

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Unlimited Data Processing

The DEITY Service Integrator can stream any data flow continuously up to 50K messages, per second, per thread. Need more? Multi threads are set up in no time.

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Drag and Drop interface

With a simple to use drag and drop interface, any service and IT system can be integrated and configured based on your needs and business rules - with a a minimum time to market.

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