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Design & build your Progressive Web App fast and easy with our open source framework.

DEITY Falcon allows users of any platform to transform their front-end into a full-fledged Progressive Web App, combining the best of the web and app world using the most cutting-edge technologies, including ReactJS, NodeJS and GraphQL. Making this a can’t-miss technology.


Turn any website into a Progressive Web App; ecommerce, blogs, portfolio's, you name it - we can do it.


Falcon is fully platform agnostic, it can integrate with any platform or data source by API.


With DEITY Falcon you never worry about high traffic or scalability.


Extend your project easily with as many customisations as necessary.

What is PWA?

The next generation
of the mobile web

DEITY Falcon allows users of any platform to transform their front-end into a full-fledged Progressive Web App, combining the best of the web and app world using the most cutting-edge technologies. Making this a can’t-miss technology.

10x faster, 20x smaller and 100% growth in conversion rate. Progressive Web Apps are here to take over native apps and push the mobile web forward.

Since the introduction of Progressive Web Apps, many companies have taken advantage of the new platform to enhance user experiences and reach new user bases. The most notable use cases have come from larger companies like Twitter, FlipKart, Walmart, and Alibaba. Currently, there is a tremendous opportunity for smaller companies that offer online services to take advantage of Progressive Web Applications.

Using an existing e-commerce platform as the e-commerce core back-end engine combined with DEITY Falcon as the PWA front-end, businesses in all shapes and sizes can start offering robust, highly scalable and astonishing web experiences to their users, profiting from all app-advantages, while minimizing time-to-market – and all of that at a lower total cost of ownership than any other leading ecommerce platform.

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PWA Benefits

  • Higher User Adoption and Engagement

  • Unrivaled Performance

  • Rapid Innovation

  • Increased Conversion Rates

  • Building websites with full native app capability

How it works

Falcon Client

Falcon Client offers a wide range of Progressive Web App functionalities out of the box, including a Web Manifest, Asset Pre-Caching and Service Workers. Guarantee optimal code performance with code splitting. Improve your SEO through Server-Side Rendering and Google Analytics integration, and make your PWA beautiful using our design-system-driven UI components for React.

PWA out of the Box

Add your app to the home screen with a Web Manifest, improve performance via Web Caching, and realize offline capabilities with a Service Worker.

SEO Optimization

Falcon Client natively supports Google Analytics. Use Server-Side Rendering to properly parse your pages and use dynamic meta tags and descriptions to optimize Google indexing.


Pick and choose the UI components you need, supported by powerful theming capabilities. Design your PWA exactly the way you want and build what you love, without contraints.

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How it works

Falcon Server

Falcon Server is the glue which connects the Falcon front-end with any back-end, no matter the platform you’re using. Using cutting-edge web technologies such as GraphQL and Server-Side Rendering, your front-end can integrate with any data source. All while handling millions of traffic hits simultaneously.

Falcon Extensions

Falcon Server uses extensions as an abstract layer to work with a specific entity (for example, shop-extension, blog-extension, etc) in order to be a platform-independent data provider. Schema stitching is used to combine the various extensions and stitch them together, generating a single GraphQL point of entry to make your life easy.

Falcon API

Falcon Extension uses APIs as a transport layer to work with a specific back-end service (for example, bigcommerce-api, magento-api, wordpress-api and others), which has to implement all Queries and Mutations methods along with resolved GraphQL Types (data structures) defined by Falcon Extension.

Find the DEITY Falcon code on Github and contribute. Download the code and start building today.

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In-depth Articles

DEITY Falcon 1.2 has been released

By Cane Lagerwaard on June 27th, 2019

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Case Study

A PWA built with DEITY Falcon by Pluim Publishing

Elgentos developed a brand new PWA for Uitgeverij Pluim using DEITY Falcon. Within a couple of weeks, their entire shop was transformed: "we wanted a fast site, and a fast site is what we got!".

“Using Deity Falcon as the front-end for a Magento 2 project was a great experience and resulted in a uniquely fast webshop - our client was very happy with the result!"
- Peter Jaap, Elgentos

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The choice is yours

Elgentos was built using only the Falcon Server component, since they already had a UI available.

Connect to any system

Falcon Server was the glue between the UI and 5 custom content types. Using our Headless philosophy, you can connect to any data source via API.

Fast time-to-market

From the start of building with Falcon to the launch took just 8 weeks. Using Falcon, you can develop a PWA within weeks instead of months.

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