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Winners of the BC Best User Experience Award 2020


Sharissa Kuurstra

Oct 22, 2020

With honor, we can share that we have won the Tech Partner Award for Best User Experience!

October 22, BigCommerce announced the winners of the BigCommerce Tech Partner Awards. Their awards program recognizes top-performing agencies and technology partners for their extraordinary and innovative work for BigCommerce merchants. It further recognizes the best apps and solutions for driving merchant growth.

This year’s award for Best User Experience was given to us!

“DEITY Falcon Front-End Platform for BigCommerce is a fully packed hosted platform, giving you the power to create the best Front-End experience for any BigCommerce shop. This app offers a quick and easy download, so you can get started designing the online store of your dreams.”

We are very proud to win this award. Since October 2019, we have been working closely with BigCommerce to bring full Progressive Web App technology to all their merchants, and we did it! We provide merchants with numerous benefits to keep ahead of the competition and to run and grow their business.

Since July 2020, Falcon PWA Storefront has been live in the BC Marketplace and is available for all BigCommerce merchants. Since October 2020, our headless storefront has also been available in BigCommerce’s newest feature: the Channel Manager.

Visit the BigCommerce marketplace or log in to your dashboard and go to Channel Manager. Falcon PWA can be installed with just a few simple clicks!

Falcon PWA Storefront is not only available for BigCommerce. Also, WordPress, Magento2, or any other merchant can benefit from this great Progressive Web App technology. Check out our live demo or visit our website for more information.

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