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Visual Theme Editing with Falcon PWA


Sharissa Kuurstra

Oct 19, 2020

The design of your website or webshop is very important because customers form an opinion based on what they see, how they perceive your brand, and in turn, influences the customer experience. Attractive designs could even lead to an increase in customer retention. Luckily, the Falcon Platform ships with powerful theming tools, making it easy for you to theme your store!

One of the things that make the Falcon Platform unique is its theming capabilities and (visual) theme editor. Falcon knows basically two ways for theming: on a code level and in a visual non-code way.

Code-level theming

Within the Falcon Front-End Client, you’ll find two theming packages: the Falcon Front Kit and the Falcon UI Kit.

In the Falcon Front Kit, which is made with ReactJS, you will find all functional components which gather, pass, query, and mutate data from the back-end to the front-end. The purpose of this package is to provide functional components that work tightly with the Shop Extension types to ensure the correct data flow.

The Falcon UI Kit has the actual smart UI components, which allow for customization of the User Interface (UI) and represent shop elements. Every component has a default theme built-in, providing a consistent and pleasing, out of the box look while allowing the possibility to customize it in every detail.

For more information on theming on a code level, please visit our documentation page.

Visual theme editor

As not all of us have experience with coding, we have made it even easier for you to theme your store with the Falcon Visual Theme Editor. With this theme editor, you can easily try out and play with your theme, without needing the help of a developer.

For marketing teams and designers, this is the ideal way to try out new things, and when satisfied with the design, they can easily download or copy the code and send it to the developer to implement.

Would you like to see how this works? Check out this video in which Jamie tells you all about Visual Theming with Falcon PWA Storefront.

Not using Falcon PWA Storefront yet? Check out our live demo and fall in love with all functionalities and benefits of Falcon.

PS: Falcon PWA Storefront is available for all kinds of websites, making it platform agnostic. So, whether you have a BigCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, or another website, Falcon PWA is the one for you.

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