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Hi there, welcome to our video page. Are you ready to meet Falcon PWA Storefront?

Falcon PWA is the most sophisticated Front-End Platform for developers and merchants. Check out these videos about how Falcon for BigCommerce works, and how PWAs boost user experience on your eCommerce website while accelerating growth.

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Falcon meets BigCommerce

With Falcon PWA for BigCommerce, you create the best, fastest, and most engaging shopping experience for your brand. Watch the following videos to learn how to best manage your BigCommerce webshop using Falcon PWA:

Falcon PWA Storefront for BigCommerce

Meet Falcon PWA Storefront, a full Progressive Web App technology for all BigCommerce merchants.

Falcon DEMO Walkthrough

Dive into this demo and explore all cool advantages of Falcon PWA Storefront for BigCommerce.

Falcon Visual Theme Editing

One of the things that make the Falcon Platform unique is its theming capabilities and (visual) theme editor. Learn more about the different theming packages Falcon offers.

Falcon Dashboard Walkthrough

Done installing Falcon on your web store? Jamie will walk you through the dashboard to explain anything you need to know to get started.

Progressive Web Applications

In this video, we'll tell you all about Progressive Web Apps. It is the technology that brings consistency between web and native apps and replaces both with a single instance.


Falcon for Developers

Falcon comes with ‘batteries included’: a great set of tools for great developer experience. Watch the following videos to explore how to get started with Cloud, how Falcon’s visual theme editor works, and how to override modules.

Getting Started with Cloud

An introduction to cloud and how to get it set up.

Theming basics

An introduction to theming your Falcon apps.

Overriding a module

Overriding modules gives developers complete control of the business logic.


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