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Unlimited data processing power for seamless integrations

In this highly competitive playing field, connecting your business to your partners' IT systems is crucial to survive. Often, these integration projects are too time-consuming and costly. The DEITY Service Integrator solves this problem by letting your systems connect to services using a multitude of protocols and standards.


Connect with virtually any data source, whether its BigCommerce, Salesforce, SAP, Amazon, or even a Facebook Catalog Feed.


Monitor the execution and performance of individual workflows and easily query the standardized logs with tools like Elastic Stack.

Take Control

Create custom connectors easily, giving you the ultimate freedom to model your landscape to your needs.

Plug & Play

Use our intuitive GUI to drag and drop multiple services and orchestrate their seamless integration.

Service Integrator

An intuitive graphical interface to connect your business services

Connect with a data source, transform the data into your required format and use the data in your workflows. The integrator is backed up by a robust multi-threading worker environment for easily scaling workflows and guaranteed application up-time. After each run an optional report can be sent to monitor your workflows so you're the first to know when there is an integration defect or error.


  • The DEITY Service Integrator can stream any data flow continuously up to 50K messages, per second, per thread. Need more? Multi threads are set up in no time.

  • You have the flexibility to integrate your system with any external service via API

  • Realize your omni-channel strategy by integrating with multiple data sources through our loosely-coupled architecture

  • Ramp up your time-to-market by developing as an addition to your existing system, instead of rebuilding it

Service Applications

Enterprise Microservice Applications

Discover the first fully Modular Commerce platform and optimise your business processes while using a fast and intuitive user interface.

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