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DEITY Product Suite

Accelerate your business using our highly flexible and limitlessly scalable products.
Progressive Web Apps

DEITY Falcon

Falcon is an open source launching platform for Progressive Web Apps. It allows any Enterprise to create highly engaging user experiences and ultrafast front-ends. Falcon is specifically built to be flexible, integrable, reliable and extensible. Ready to blend mobile and web, leading to astonishing business results.

Progressive Web Apps


Cloud is the hosting and DTAP platform for DEITY Falcon Progressive Web Apps. Cloud takes care of your infrastructure by providing hosting, deployment, a DTAP environment and support. Stop worrying about operations and get ready to scale up your business.

Modular Commerce

DEITY Service Applications

Business Service Applications are built with one goal in mind: modularity. Use a single Service Applications or multiple at the same time, connect them to your existing system via API and decide which functionalities you need to grow. It’s all up to you.

Headless Commerce

DEITY Service Integrator

The Service Integrator provides you with a graphical interface to connect any existing system to your business, giving you the capability and freedom to launch with a minimal time to market.

Web Push Notifications


Send powerful web push notifications straight from your website and reach all visitors directly on their mobile device. You can use PushPro in combination with Falcon, or install it within 5 minutes on any existing website. No native mobile app needed!

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