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Launching: Push Notifications For Everyone!


Jamie Maria Schouren

May 22, 2019

Since we (deity.io) started working on headless front-ends, which later became known as Progressive Web Apps, by far the main feature which got everyone excited is the possibility to send Push Notifications to mobile devices from a website.

No Full PWA Needed

Many merchants, website owners and marketeers got really excited about the opportunity to (re)connect with their audience and grow their reach in such an innovative way. However for most the main concerns were “do we then have to fully change our current front-end to a PWA?” and “if we have this technical capability, where do marketers actually create and send the messages?”.

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PushPro is Available!

As of today our new tool PushPro is available for everyone. So what is PushPro? PushPro is a tool to create and send meaningful Push Notifications to the mobile devices of subscribers, within a matter of minutes! With an intuitive and “what you see is what you get” editor, everyone can create and send a message easy and fast.

  1. Create messages with an easy “WYSIWYG” editor
  2. Unlimited messages on every plan: send thousands of messages in a matter of seconds.
  3. Customise notifications with your own logo and identity
  4. Grow your audience with custom opt-in messages
  5. Full emoticon and special character support!
  6. Adding Call To Action buttons to your messages
  7. Insight in your campaign performance with our reporting tools
  8. Full browser and OS support
  9. Managing multiple domains from one account
  10. Automatic updates, no hassle
  11. Full GDPR proof

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What Makes PushPro Different From Other Push Services?

Special Targeted for Mobile Audience

  1. Event Driven Messages: trigger notifications based on events such as abandoned carts
  2. Rich Messages: get your audience even more engaged by using rich media such as images, GIFs etc.
  3. A/B Testing Tools: automatically test your messages while you send
  4. Advanced Reporting: get even more insight in how your messages perform, per channel, per segment, per device etc, and connect with your Google Analytics!

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Get Started Today

As of today our service has launched and any website can start using PushPro within a 5 minute installation. Do you have a WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce a custom CMS or any other type of website? PushPro is compatible with all and can be installed easily. To make it even easier, we are launching extensions soon which can be installed directly in your website, but there is no need to wait for that!

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