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Falcon PWA Storefront

Meet the most Sophisticated PWA Front-End Platform.
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DEITY F.I.R.E Principle

Your front-end on F.I.R.E.


Falcon PWA Storefront gives you the freedom to build the best experience for your shop without limitations.


Falcon PWA Storefront is fully platform agnostic. It can integrate with any platform or data source by API and GraphQL.


Never worry about performance. Falcon can withstand any traffic peak and we make sure you are always online.


Extend your project easily with as many customisations as necessary without adding complexity.

What is PWA?

The next generation of eCommerce

Falcon PWA Storefront is a fully packed hosted front-end platform, giving you the power to create the best Progressive Web App experience for your webshop.

Falcon gives you out of the box top performance, offline mode, add-to homescreen, full screen experience, push notifications, and more.

Discover all the benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

  • Websites with Native App Capabilities

  • Mobile First Experience

  • Top Performance

  • Offline Mode, Push Notifications, and more


Falcon PWA Integrations

Falcon PWA Storefront can be integrated with any platform and data source.

Full Progressive Web App

Falcon PWA Theme

Falcon UI Theme is a full Progressive Web App including native performance, offline mode, add-to-homescreen, full screen experience, push notifications, and more.

PWA out of the Box

Add your app to the home screen with a Web Manifest, improve performance via Web Caching, and realize offline capabilities with a Service Worker.

Top Performance

Turn your website into a blazing fast single page app with Server Side Rendering and optimize Google indexing with dynamic meta tags.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications directly from your webshop to the Mobile devices of all your visitors, using our PushPro tool.

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How it works

Falcon Front-End Client

The Falcon Front-End Client is the front-end service responsible for handling front-end related tasks such as the rendering the user interface. The Falcon Client is a full Single Page Application.

Falcon Client Features

  • Falcon PWA UI

  • Server Side Rendering

  • Logging & Performance Measurement

  • Dynamic Routing

  • Web Cache & Vendor Bundle (long term cache)

  • Automated Code splitting

  • Loadable (asynchronous) components

  • State management based on Apollo & React context

  • Dynamic Meta Tags

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Optimised for performance & Lighthouse

  • Internationalization (i18next package)

  • Payment Integration Layer

How it works

Falcon Middleware Server

Falcon Presentation Server is the Middleware layer between the front-end (Falcon Client) and the back-end services providing data, including BigCommerce, but simultaneously this could also be Wordpress, Algolia, Stripe or any other your business requires.

The Falcon Presentation Server is the force behind Falcon Client and comes with many great features.

Falcon Middleware Server

  • Customizable API Server

  • Extension layer with partial schemas, components, APIs

  • GraphQL Schema

  • GraphQL Schema Stitching

  • Configurable Caching, GQL Schemas, and direct access to cache

  • Cache invalidation

  • Dynamic Route Resolving

  • Custom endpoints

  • Payment Integration Layer

How it works

Falcon Developer Experience

For the Falcon Platform, the first true user is the developer. Developer experience, the ease, comfort, and speed with which a developer can work with Falcon is one of our main priorities. Falcon comes with ‘batteries included’: a great set of tools for a great developer experience.

Dev DocsTutorial VideosSlack Channel

Falcon Developer Experience

  • Hot Module Replacing (HMR)

  • Extensive configuration options

  • Extendible Webpack configuration with module overrides

  • 100% TypeScript

  • Testing with Jest

  • Mocking

  • CSS, CSS-modules and SCSS Support

  • CSS in JavaScript (based on emotion)

  • ESLint with Prettier

  • React based, composable, themable, and responsive UI components

  • Auto-instantiation of websocket server

  • Auto-restart using nodemon

  • Logging

Download the spec sheet for in-depth details.

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The architecture

The Falcon Platform Architecture

Falcon PWA Storefront has a unique decentralized architecture. This architecture makes the platform extremely reliable, flexible, and unlimitedly scalable, while, at the same time, reducing complexity. Enable your future growth.

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