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Ecommerce software company DEITY raises €2,5 million

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Ecommerce software company DEITY raises €2,5 million

The modular software products by the Dutch company DEITY have proven to attract serious attention. In just one year, their open source product has been downloaded 85.000 times. Recently, the company from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, became an Elite partner of the US-based ecommerce software giant BigCommerce, whom with the use of DEITY products extends its platform to become more appealing to international enterprise commerce.

To enable further growth of DEITY, the company has successfully raised €2,5 million. The investment round was led by BOM Ventures, who participates together with private investors and the current DEITY management.

“Fast growing e-commerce companies are facing crucial issues with their software”, says Jamie Maria Schouren, CSO of DEITY. “Their growth stagnates due to complex, tightly coupled and interwoven software architectures. Expanding their online business, or even simple maintenance, becomes more and more complex and sometimes nearly impossible. With our modular and decentralised software, a term well known from the blockchain movement, ecommerce companies can keep their existing platform, while we give merchants the confidence and power to scale without limitation. By extending existing e-commerce platforms with high-performing Service Applications, we bring unlimited scalability and flexibility. By doing so, we drastically reduce the complexity and risks of an ecommerce platform without any disinvestment, all within a very short time-to-market. Our software is ready to accelerate any enterprise business.”

To optimise and develop the modular software of DEITY, they closely work with companies such as Google, Paypal and Magento/Adobe. Recently, the company closed partnership deals with Adyen and BigCommerce.

Together with BigCommerce, DEITY’s software will be provided to enterprise ecommerce merchants who are ready to enter the European market. The funding will support the company’s continued expansion with international partners, and help further develop the technology behind its product.

“There is a lot of valuable ecommerce experience in the team of DEITY” says Robin Franken, investment manager soft-tech at BOM Brabant Ventures. “These years of experience are now brought together in a unique and refined software product, that will most definitely accelerate the software industry in the Dutch Brabant region. Having the opportunity to stimulate innovative technology and expansion of knowledge in our region is something we are very proud of.”

Jamie Maria Schouren, Chief Strategy Officer
+31 (0) 40 747 0162

BOM Brabant Ventures
Robin Franken
(512) 865-4517


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DEITY offers enterprises around the globe the most agile and modular headless Open SaaS platform they need to grow and innovate without limitations.

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