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Securely manage your progressive web app in the cloud.

Cloud is the hosting platform for DEITY Falcon Progressive Web Apps. Cloud takes care of your infrastructure by providing hosting, deployment, a DTAP environment and support. Stop worrying about operations and get ready to scale up your business.


We make sure your progressive web app always has its lights on, with Service Level Agreements to back up our claim.


Your infrastructure is protected with state-of-the-art security measures. Your data is isolated and continuously monitored.


First impressions are important for your customers too. Ensure blazing-fast loading times and website performance with our infrastructure.


Whether you are an SME or Enterprise Powerhouse, our infrastructure will precisely fit your needs. Now and in the future.

Why should you use DEITY Cloud?

Acquire peace of
mind by letting us
take care of your

DEITY Cloud is your one-stop platform to build, deploy, test, measure and optimize your Progressive Web App front-ends.

DEITY Falcon with Cloud capitalises on speed benefits with loading times under 1 second and guaranteed uptimes, even with high traffic peaks.

DEITY Cloud is more than just a hosting environment. We simplify the process with tools made specifically for modern Progressive Web App. It's a one-stop platform for your developers: we offer a DTAP environment, support and SLA, we take care of hosting, operations, up-time and regular back-ups, it is fuelled with proven technology, and comes with cool automation to run your process smoothly.

DEITY Cloud provides you with a secure environment to develop, test, accept and deploy all your PWA projects. It is fully optimised to provide the best solution for state of the art technologies - all at a low total cost of ownership.

Cloud Benefits

  • Save costs and reduce risks by outsourcing your infrastructure needs

  • Don't worry about security. We have you covered, backed up by our SLA

  • Guaranteed up-time with our multi-redundant infrastructure

  • Scale your infrastructure to exactly match your needs, any point in time

How it works

Manage your PWA infrastructure in the Cloud

Use our CLI tool to quickly deploy your PWA to dev/staging/prod environments.


Couple your repository to DEITY Cloud. We currently support Github and Gitlab. Manage your code the same as you're used to.


Use the Cloud CLI to automatically build your Progressive Web App on our versioned infrastructure.


Deploy your builds to development, staging and production environments.

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