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Why headless is the future of eCommerce

Sharissa Kuurstra | Jan 6, 2020Read Article


DEITY helps webshops to be more effective and attractive

Sharissa Kuurstra | Nov 4, 2019Read Article


DEITY partners with BigCommerce to change the world of eCommerce

Sharissa Kuurstra | Oct 8, 2019Read Article


The search for App-iness: Progressive Web Apps

Sharissa Kuurstra | Aug 3, 2019Read Article


Are PWAs the way? Everything you need to know about Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce.

Sharissa Kuurstra | Jul 23, 2019Read Article


Uitgeverij Pluim turns its website into a PWA

Sharissa Kuurstra | Jul 8, 2019Read Article

Push Notifications

Push Notifications: Retargeting on steroids

Sharissa Kuurstra | Jun 28, 2019Read Article


Web App Manifests - A Guide to get your website on a user’s Home Screen

Jamie Maria Schouren | May 29, 2019Read Article
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