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Meet Falcon. The most sophisticated PWA Storefront for BigCommerce.

Create the best, fastest, and most engaging shopping experience for your brand.

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Best PWA Shopping Experience

With Falcon PWA for BigCommerce, you create the best experience for your webshop. Get ready for Push Notifications, Add-to-homescreen mode, and more with just a one click install.

Always Online

The Falcon PWA Storefront is more than just a theme. Our hosted front-end platform gives you unlimited scalability and makes sure you are always online. No matter the traffic, we got you covered.

Multi everything

Are you looking to do business worldwide? Falcon gives you the opportunity to create multi language, multi payments, and multi currency storefront directly on your BigCommerce back-end.


The Power of Falcon PWA Platform for BigCommerce.

Falcon for BigCommerce is a fully packed front-end platform which allows you to create the best front-end experience for your shop.

Only the best for your webshop.

With Falcon PWA Storefront for BigCommerce, you create the best shopping experiences for your clients while we make sure you are always online. Never any downtime, no more slow or hacky website: only the best for the best!

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Ultimate Flexibility.

Falcon not only gives you the best experience, but also the freedom and flexibility you need to grow. With Falcon, you can use any other third-party service, even if it's not available on BigCommerce yet. Start using Algolia search, Mollie payments, and more today!

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Developers love it.

Falcon is made by and for the best developers. We highly focus on creating the best developer experience with the newest techniques so your team can work fast, secure, safe, and have fun doing it. Automated deployments, testing, 99.99% uptimes, and more.

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Any Payment Method.

Falcon has a unique payment service platform which allows us to integrate any payment service provider in just weeks. We have Mollie, Adyen, and Stripe ready to go. Are you looking for something different? Please contact us and we will make it happen.

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Tech stack

Infinite Possibilities

The Falcon PWA Storefront has a unique headless architecture and can integrate with any existing service. Combining Falcon with BigCommerce gives you full freedom to expand and growth without limits.

Falcon for BigCommerce

Falcon PWA Storefront enables you to use any existing service together with your BigCommerce platform. Looking for the best search, shipping, or any other service? Falcon can integrate them all directly, even if there is no plugin yet available for BigCommerce. Giving you true Open SaaS freedom.

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