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Meet Falcon. The most sophisticated front-end platform for developers

Cutting edge technology to build astonishing and highly engaging experiences and the best tools to excel and keep ahead of the competition.

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Out of the box integrations with

More than a PWA

A complete, highly reliable, and ultra-fast front-end platform with a PWA out of the box and complete freedom to build what your business truly needs without any restrictions.

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Your Shop on F.I.R.E.

The Falcon PWA platform brings F.I.R.E. to any webshop; making it flexible, integratable, reliable, and extensible. Everything you need to accelerate your business.

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The best developer experience

Build fast with our hyper-modern tech stack on top of a true Service Oriented Architecture without any worry about performance or operations. Batteries included.

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Batteries included

Designed for developers building the modern web.

For the Falcon Platform, the first true user is the developer. Developer experience, the ease, comfort, and speed to work with Falcon is one of our main priorities.

Falcon comes with ‘batteries included’: a great set of tools for a great developer experience, including visual theme editors, typescript, automated deployments, tons of tools to make your work easier, video tutorials, active slack channels, ánd dev docs with dark mode.

The Power of the Falcon Front-End Platform.

Falcon for BigCommerce is a fully packed front-end platform which allows you to create the best PWA experience for your Bigcommerce shop. Beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.

Developers love it.

Falcon is made by and for the best developers. We highly focus on creating the best developer experience with the newest techniques so your team can work fast, secure, safe, and have fun doing it. Automated deployments, testing, 99.99% uptimes, and more.

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Build the best experience.

Creating front-end experiences with the Falcon Platform is intuitive, easy, and highly flexible due to the component-based architecture. Use our Front Kit, UI Kit, and visual theme editor to build the best experience in no time.

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Extremely reliable.

Falcon is a fully hosted and extremely reliable front-end platform. With our 24/7/365 monitoring, 99.99% uptime and SLA, monitored Build & Deploy pipelines, managed CI/D flows, containerized clusters, and much more: you never have to worry about anything anymore.

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Compatible with all your favorite tools.

Falcon works out of the box with all your favorite tools. No need to change your workflow.

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Perfection by Architectural Design

The Falcon Platform is a fully hosted front-end platform that has been carefully architectured, decoupled, and built up from different components. On a high level, the architecture of the Falcon Platform consists of three layers.

Falcon Client

Falcon Client is the actual front-end, the Progressive Web App shop your visitors will interact with. Based on ReactJS and fully component-based.

Falcon Presentation Server

The Falcon Presentation Server, the Middleware layer, processing data, and connecting the different third-party services.

Third integrations layer

The third-party integrations layer such as BigCommerce, Algolia, Stripe, and Wordpress. With Falcon, there are no more restrictions: connect any service you want.

How it works

Decentralized Service Oriented Architecture

The Falcon Platform has a unique decentralized architecture. Such architecture makes the platform extremely reliable, flexible, and unlimitedly scalable while, at the same time, reducing complexity. Giving your business F.I.R.E 🔥 : flexibility, integrability, reliability, extensibility.

The Falcon Middleware Server is the force behind Falcon Client and comes with many great features.

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  • Falcon Progressive Web App

  • Server Side Rendering

  • Logging & Performance Measurement

  • Dynamic routing

  • Automated Code splitting

  • Dynamic meta tags & SEO optimization

  • Customizable API server

  • Dynamic Route Resolving

  • Payment integration Layer


New to Falcon?

No problem. We have video tutorials to get you up to speed, quickly.

Getting Started with Cloud

An introduction to cloud and how to get it set up.

Theming basics

An introduction to theming your Falcon apps.

Overriding a module

Overriding modules gives developers complete control of the business logic.


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